Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Is An Ashcan, You Ashk?

Well from what I've observed, an ashcan copy of a comic book has many different definitions.

Some may say ashcans are produced for legal purposes in order to secure copyrights.

Others may say that it's a work in progress copy to worry out the last minute bugs, bells and whistles in a publication.

Well, in our case here at Megabrain Comics, we are producing our ashcan copy of American Dark Age in order to buy us more time.
That's right folks. You won't get any minced words from me.
The Convention season is upon us again and we here in the brain pan are crappin' our slacks trying to get everything ready on time, so to keep the wolves at bay and the masses from lighting their torches due to a slow production schedule, the long time tradition of the ashcan has been dusted off for your viewing pleasure.

So, please continue to grace us with your internet presence and take this opportunity to sling your critical arrows at us here on the Megablah! and on Facebook and Twitter, because once this puppy goes to the printer, that fat ladies ash will be singing.

Keep your noses in the pages,
and keep that grey matter flexin!
The Benj

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