Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hey Kids, Talkies!

It's like ghosts screaming from inside a little box...

You've read our words, now hear people talk about us! Like, actual talky words for your ears!
Jean's deep gravelly tones creep up your back like a dead hand in this interview from our pals at!
True story, Jean told me he was nervous during the whole thing because he was talking to a girl.
And a chance encounter at a greasy fast food joint turned fortuitous as Megabrain collided with Gavin from KGBCast!
It's all good, but skip to 0:32 minutes to hear the lads talk about me being a weirdo.
Be cool and follow both of these podcasts after you give them a listen.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Oh man... I wish you guys could see the pages that Jac's knocking out. The finished art for American Dark Age #2 is starting to roll in, and I'm just more impressed with each page I see. I wanna show you so bad, but I really can't yet.

Y'know what? Don't tell Jean, but I'll give you a sneak preview.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Who's that girl?

It's the Comic Book Grrl, Blake Northcott! 

Hey, how you doin'?
We sent Blake a copy of American Dark Age #1 to review on her excellent site, . If you don't know her, this is from her own site:
Author. Twitter-er. Slayer of vampires (only the ones that sparkle). I love reading, cooking, traveling and mixed martial arts. Dislikes include Wheel of Fortune and Ke$ha.
I live in a small, quiet town west of Toronto, and at the moment I'm writing and blogging full-time.
How can you not like someone who hates Twilight enough to list it as a profession? 
This picture makes me feel very small, but I kind of like it.
I highly recommend following her on Twitter and Facebook, especially so you catch her review of ADA when it hits the interwebs. And of course, make sure you check out her book, Vs Reality, because it's knock your socks off cool. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chugging Along... Issue #2 Production update

Hoo boy, has it been busy behind the scenes here at Megabrain HQ! 

If you got here from googling "wet beavers" you may be at the wrong site.
With our funding now successful, it's full steam ahead. Let me elucidate what's been going on over here, and try to give out an idea of when some of the awesome will be in your hands. 
Jac's been burning the candle at all three ends to finish up the inks. Of course, she's no longer the insanely talented unknown we found in a lonely drainage ditch, mewling for milk on a rainy night all that time ago. (not a true story. Wanna know how I got these scars?) These days, she's an insanely talented up and comer, angrily demanding Scotch and poutine covered fries when she has a moment to breathe through the multiple projects she's working on. (completely true.) So when that's closer to done, we'll definitely give you a better idea of exactly when issue #2 is landing.
Of course, once she's done, there's printing, which takes about 2 weeks. I'm super excited with the new printer we're going with. They're a local company who's customer service is insanely good, and the samples they sent are outstanding. Once a contract is inked with them I'll post links. If you're looking to print your own comic (you totally should, it's a f&^%ing rush) then I'd use these guys in a heartbeat. If you need their name sooner, shoot me an email, k?
Speaking of vendors, our shirts and messenger bags ought to be heading to print any day now. Like last time around, we're working with the fine chaps at Silky's Brooklyn. Rob & Steve have been two tons of cool stuffed into a one ton bag, and you will love the quality of these products.
Stickers and posters are likewise getting sorted, and we should have the first round of rewards out to you pretty soon. The plan right now is to get out all the non-comic rewards first, and the comics following in a couple of weeks.
In non-reward news, Jean & I have been working on expanding our retail base. We're in 8 stores around the NYC area now, check if yours is on the list by clicking here. If your store isn't on the list (yet), then you're in a pickle, my friends. Luckily, we've provided a fork so you don't have to get brine all over your fingers to eat that delicious pickle. Just print out this handy dandy order form and bring it to you local peddler of funny books, slam it on the counter and demand some ADA!
Do it... do it now!
Also, we've been hitting the twitterverse and blogosphere, and are looking for comic and media podcasters who are masochistic enough to sit down and talk to us for a bit about our book. If you've got any suggestions, or you're a journalist/podcaster/stalker who wants some face time, drop us a line at.. uh... well at Damn fine original email address, that is right there.
I'm still on the prowl for fan letters, fan art, letter column naming suggestions, and any other drunken proposals you send our way, so send those in to, and I'll about getting them printed!
As always, keep an eye or ear on this space, Twitter, Facebook,, the voices in your head, and the dirty, dirty rumor mill for news about American Dark Age. Until next time, my dear friends,
-Mike Vuolo, Editor-in-Chief