Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The American Dark Age Revolution, Has Begun!

Many of you have been privy to the spirited debates happening on Twitter and Facebook in regards to similarities between, our comic book American Dark Age and NBC televisions new Fall series, Revolution by JJ Abrams, Jon Favreau and Eric Kripke. Being the creator of American Dark Age, I just wanted to go on record with my true feelings about the whole thing, so there's no question.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about just watch the trailer for American Dark Age here:
and the trailer for NBC's Revolution, here:

Once you're done, you'll be up to speed.

For The Record: I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of JJ, Favreau and Kripke's work. I honestly hope their show, Revolution is really good. It could only benefit Megabrain and American Dark Age if that show is a success and I'm also tired of bad TV.

That said, given the fact that all of us here at Megabrain are all snarky ass smart alecs, we will very likely give that show a bucket load of snide remarks, good natured ribbing, and all kinds of sarcasm dripping criticisms. It's all in good fun and in the spirit of healthy competition within the forum of artistic entertainment. 

I say good luck this Fall to NBC, JJ, Favreau & Kripke and I hope their feelings aren't hurt when everyone tells them how much more our story rocks than theirs.
Just as my feelings aren't hurt that they could care less what I think and can't hear any of this, anyway while swimming in their money bins.

I'm not upset and I'm not going to try and sue them. That's just dumb. There have been many other similar ideas to both our stories through the years such as Visionaries, Thundar The Barbarian, The Book of Eli and one that was just brought to my attention which I can't wait to read, The Dies the Fire series by S.M. Sterling.

The differences between our stories are significant and interesting enough to keep me engaged in writing my books and watching their show.  

I just hope that their show brings us some new readers (and shoppers) just as perhaps my story will turn some people on to their work, who may not have given it a chance before.

Good luck gentlemen and may the best creative team win by getting a big fat endorsement check and option from Hollywood for a series of films based on the independent comic book series they created about punk rock, the end of the world and a young girl from Oregon.

Jean David Michel
creator of American Dark Age

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