Monday, March 5, 2012

Who's that girl?

It's the Comic Book Grrl, Blake Northcott! 

Hey, how you doin'?
We sent Blake a copy of American Dark Age #1 to review on her excellent site, . If you don't know her, this is from her own site:
Author. Twitter-er. Slayer of vampires (only the ones that sparkle). I love reading, cooking, traveling and mixed martial arts. Dislikes include Wheel of Fortune and Ke$ha.
I live in a small, quiet town west of Toronto, and at the moment I'm writing and blogging full-time.
How can you not like someone who hates Twilight enough to list it as a profession? 
This picture makes me feel very small, but I kind of like it.
I highly recommend following her on Twitter and Facebook, especially so you catch her review of ADA when it hits the interwebs. And of course, make sure you check out her book, Vs Reality, because it's knock your socks off cool. 

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