Monday, February 27, 2012

Kickstart My Heart

Whoa... yeah! So there's 10 hours to go on our Kickstarter to fund printing of issue #2. This one has been a quiet rollercoaster for us. With issue #1, we publicized the hell out of it, we were at NYCC to celebrate, we begged, pleaded, tweeted, Facebooked (pretty sure that's not a verb), and yelled it from the rooftops.

This time around, not so loud, at least not til the end. I mean, it's issue #2, so there's less of a launch party vibe. But that doesn't mean that for us it hasn't been as nerve wracking and exciting. You know what? More so.

We were worried about a sophomore slump. We were worried about keeping the momentum. We were worried about looking unsuccessful if we were asking for pledges again. We were worried that we'd have less time to raise the cash. We were worried that we were going to have to only distribute digitally instead of print. We've been just a ball of nerves with all these things to think about.

But you... oh you... C'mere you! Give us a hug!

With just about 10 hours to go, we've exceeded our goal and are so close to $3500. And that means we're alive to deliver to you another pulse pounding, tear jerking, head scratching tale of Katherine Brody in the post-Blackout world. I can't wait til you read it.

No, screw that. You'll be able to read it online. I really can't wait til you smell it. Til you feel it in your hands, til you slide it into a board and bag and add it to the library of all the legendary comics and creators that keep you dreaming. Because that's what this is about.

It's about making comics.

Go see what the hell I'm talking about on our Kickstarter page. You've got 10 hours left to get in on the ground second floor

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